Odor Control

 At A-1 Carpet Service, we know how important home décor and design is to achieving that precise visual affect you’re going for—a combination of flooring, furniture and drapes that forms a stunning representation of who you are and where your aesthetic allegiances lie.

But nothing sours the enjoyment of a neatly polished living space as quickly as a mysterious, unpleasant odor creeping up from some unseen, insidious source.

Luckily, at A-1—your premiere Cedar Rapids carpet cleaning service—we’ve enjoyed years of experience identifying and eliminating unpleasant odors locked into upholstery, carpet and other common household fabrics, and we’re looking to share that expertise in Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City odor elimination to help you reclaim your flooring materials from those devious odors.

Current research indicates that our personal health is directly tied to cleanliness and hygiene standards within the home, so when you turn to the Cedar Rapids carpet cleaning specialists at A-1, not only will you help create a more enjoyable space for you and your family but you’ll also enjoy an environment with reduced airborne pollutants—a real boost in the air quality within your home.

Our multiple crews of highly-trained, well-seasoned carpet cleaning specialists are all IICRC-certified and always up-to-date on current trends in carpet cleaning and odor control practices in line with industry standards.

Throughout our many years of successfully eliminating carpet odor in Cedar Rapids and the rest of the Valley, we’ve seen it all—from disaster contaminants, pet urine, moisture problems, and general soil-based damage.  Our rigorous odor control procedures always begin with a thorough identification and analysis of the source of the offending odor. 

Each particular odor and its source require unique response treatment:

  • Pet urine and odors necessitate particularly specialized deodorizing methods and treatments
  • Odor from disaster contaminants involves even more specialized techniques depending on the type of damage (smoke, flooding, environmental trauma) 
  • Moisture problems often demand an examination and elimination of the moisture intrusion source to carefully avoid future damage

By providing a meticulous odor analysis of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City carpet cleaning challenges, A-1 works to make absolutely sure that each cleaning thoroughly addresses the root of the problem, limiting the risk of that pesky odor’s return.

Through our years of Cedar Rapids odor control, we’ve executed numerous aggressive measures to eliminate unpleasant odors at the source, thanks to our highly-trained cleaning technicians, our state-of-the-art detection instruments, high-powered cleaning equipment, specialized cleaning and deodorizing agents and, of course, our steadfast dedication to top-tier performance and results that speak for themselves.

So when odor rears its ugly head, let A-1 step in to defeat that foul beast and help you recover the cleanest, best-smelling carpet Cedar Rapids has ever seen.