Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

 It’s no secret that our furniture and upholstery sometimes take a beating, and the more that life throws at us—children’s art supplies, muddy cleats, Rex’s overturned food-dish, Mr. Whiskers’ hairballs, an ill-advised wine glass placement—the more likely it is that our day-to-day activities will take a visual toll on our living-room sofa or that favorite recliner that’s always there waiting for us after an exhausting day at work.

At A-1 Carpet Service, LLC—the premiere Cedar Rapids carpet cleaning provider—we also lend our extensive cleaning expertise to furniture and upholstery.  Our state-of-the-art cleaning approaches and expertly-trained cleaning technicians have served the Cedar Valley for years, providing top-tier furniture and upholstery cleaning in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Iowa City.

Our practiced technicians are well-versed in the nuanced approaches necessary to appropriately and effectively confront diverse stains on a multitude of fabrics, and we’ll begin by thoroughly analyzing the furniture and upholstery on-site to determine which methods will yield the greatest results.

When you hire A-1, you’ll always receive a highly-trained team of IICRC-certified technicians, all of whom are intimately familiar with up-to-date cleaning strategies that unapologetically eliminate blemishes and stains while protecting the upholstery itself using methods that respect the fabric but not the stain.

Not only will we work endlessly to eradicate the blemishes tarnishing your beautiful furniture, but once our mission is accomplished, we’ll deodorize and protect the piece as well, so your living room will look, feel and smell like it has been repopulated with furniture right out of the catalogue.

Through years of painstaking dedication, we’ve established ourselves at the top of the chain of Cedar Rapids upholstery cleaners, and we intend to maintain that through our unwavering pursuit of cleaning results that speak for themselves.  

As the premiere Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha furniture cleaners, we’ve garnished extensive experience with all fabrics, shapes and sizes (and, of course, with all nature of stains, spills and spots) so when you hire A-1 to revitalize your furniture and upholstery, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

And it’s important to note that even if your furniture appears in good health visually, it’s wise to perform regular professional cleaning to not only maintain the overall luster of your upholstery but also to proactively confront the insidious microscopic pollutants and other particulates that invisibly take up residence in your furniture’s fibers over the years and gradually lower the air quality in your home.

If you’ve ever spent time frantically scrubbing away at that food spill on the divan, you know that successful furniture recovery is grueling, painstaking work that requires both an aggressive technique and a delicate touch.

But don’t give up and by new furniture just yet—save yourself some time, money and stress by letting a top-tier Cedar Rapids upholstery cleaner step in and take the mess off of your hands.