Flooring Installation


 It’s not a shock to anyone who has spent time grueling on their hands and knees over a bucket of mortar, anxiously setting tiles in the hopes that they come out parallel and evenly spaced: flooring installation can be backbreaking, thankless work, requiring immense patience, attention-to-detail and extensive knowledge of the tools and materials before you.

And that’s exactly where A-1 Carpet Service comes in.  As the premiere carpet cleaning service in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, we’ve also expanded our expertise to envelop all flooring materials and installation methods, making us your go-to Cedar Rapids flooring installation provider.

So don’t let the project overwhelm you (and certainly don’t back down from the pursuit of that dream flooring you’ve always wanted).  It’s simply time to call in the experts, and rely on our years of experience and exquisitely-trained teams of flooring installation technicians.

At A-1 we’ve tackled an all-inclusive multitude of flooring challenges, and we’re here to share the benefits of that experience with you.  Through careful application of up-to-date installation practices and procedures, we’ve successfully installed flooring of every conceivable material, including: 


Flooring Types!


An environmentally-friendly and breathtakingly gorgeous alternative to traditional hardwood flooring.  This flooring material boasts a profusion of character like charming “growth rings” and “knuckles” that result in a uniquely enchanting visual expression.  Once installed, it’s quite simple to keep clean, its only slight shortcoming its potential (like hardwood) for dents, nicks and scratches—easily remedied with access to a scratch-repair kit or a professional cleaning.


The perfect material for those of you looking for a resilient and durable material (and a dream-come-true for those who hate the early-morning shock of bare feet on a cold stone floor).  Cork is offered in a wide variety of paneling options, and visual styles, so there really is a perfect selection available no matter what your aesthetic preferences may be.  After our efficient, precise installation, your toes will be dancing across your new floor, enjoying its subtle and delightful cushion.


Many enjoy the rich visual expression of an attractive hardwood floor—one of the long-reigning kings of the flooring domain.  And it’s no wonder.  A well-installed hardwood floor completes a sublime aesthetic in a sophisticated living room, kitchen, bedroom or dining room. 


Made of recycled materials (linseed oil, ground stone, and cork or wood powder), linoleum provides an economically reasonable flooring option that—with its wide array of available visual styles—doesn’t sacrifice in the least when it comes to appearance.  Add in the fact that linoleum is resistant to stains and liquid spills, and it’s easy to understand the popularity of this reliable flooring material.

Stone Tile

There are few natural elements as beautiful and durable as authentic stone tiling, and this material boasts a multitude of exquisite colors and textures—all of which are grounded in the element’s signature, resilient toughness.  From granite and slate to travertine, marble sandstone and limestone—stone tile offers a wide array of visual options, which we’ll carefully install for you, achieving that exquisite, sophisticated look that this flooring option provides so nicely.

But installation can be tricky, necessitating a flawlessly leveled subfloor and wood acclimation to the humidity and temperature of the house—a sometimes challenging task in a clime like Iowa’s.  But A-1 is no stranger to the rigors of hardwood flooring installation in Cedar Rapids, and we guarantee an exquisite outcome every time.

No matter your preferences, A-1 is here for you with our seasoned expertise, ready to jump in and take the stress and physical strain of flooring installation off of your hands.

So when it’s time to tackle that remodeling project and complete that breathtakingly sophisticated visual affect with an exquisite hardwood floor, call A-1 at (319) 360-6236, and receive the best flooring installation Cedar Rapids can offer.