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Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching

 We know that sometimes life can be pretty hectic and sometimes our carpets fall victim to the unforeseen fallout from our strenuous day-to-day activities.  Accidents happen—iron burns, a stray spark from the fireplace, stubborn pet stains—and sometimes a vigorous deep-clean just isn’t enough to restore your carpet to its former glory.

But before you head down to the flooring store, for a time-intensive and expensive new carpet replacement, turn to A-1 Carpet Service—the premiere Iowa City and Cedar Rapids carpet cleaning provider—and our team of highly-qualified IICRC-certified carpet technicians will apply their expertise to a repair job, doing everything in our power to improve the quality of your carpet’s current state.

Throughout the years, A-1 Carpet Service has prided itself in injecting new life into well-worn carpets, and we’ve worked rigorously to consistently provide flawless Cedar Rapids carpet repairs—an art form of its own.

When you need a carpet repair, our technicians meticulously execute each stage of our thorough patching procedure, utilizing expertise that could only have been gained through our 35 years of experience.

Our expert technicians will successfully tackle any appropriate patching assignment—whether you’ve just removed a section of wall and need to fill the gap, you’ve got a nasty stain on your hands or your new puppy just couldn’t resist testing out his chompers on your carpet.

Our skilled technicians will efficiently and thoroughly tackle any carpet patching assignment they deem appropriate, but sometimes, on rare occasions, our crews may identify circumstances in which carpet patching is not the most effective response to your blemish.  We’ll always inform you of the most appropriate means for restoring your carpet to pristine condition, which sometimes means buckling down and installing new carpet.

Luckily, A-1 provides unparalleled no-hassle carpet installation in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Iowa City, so you won’t have to waste any time searching for carpet installation services.

With A-1, you’ll receive the meticulous technical expertise that makes us number 1 in Cedar Rapids carpet repairs and installation, and we’ll work tirelessly to salvage your carpet (for a fraction of the cost).

Over time, you may have noticed your carpet beginning to wrinkle or ripple.  The frustrating trip hazards of lumpy, loose carpet sections are not uncommon with older carpet installations as time takes its toll on our flooring.  A-1 provides timely, professional carpet stretching in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City that will smooth out those wrinkles for you, leaving you with a nice, even finish and no more unsightly ripples.

Our A-1 Carpet Service technicians will perform our tried-and-true carpet stretching procedures, leaving you with a perfectly smooth carpet, eradicating those unsightly imperfections.

At A-1, we’re dedicated to providing unparalleled carpet cleaning and carpet repairs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Hiawatha, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

So if you’re sick of looking at that old stain but don’t want to cough up a truckload of cash for new carpet, call (319) 360-6236 for a free quote and information on how we can make that spot disappear.